I think I finally found a reason to have a phone with 8GB of RAM.
So that when TWRP craps out on data decryption and decides not even to ask for a password, at least I can push a whole fucking ROM into RAM to unfuck the phone. Because why not?! Why on Earth would software work properly when you can just throw more hardware at it?

Long live FBE, TWRP what craps out on it, and you remember those things.. SD cards for data storage? I could've used an unencrypted SD card so fucking badly right now, you know... Long live soldered in storage that's encrypted, "for security". Except for when the person who owns said data actually wants to use the bloody data.


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    Yeah the encryption is annoying. I hate that on a lot of models you have to get a custom twrp, reset the phone and change the bootloader zo it can't encrypt anything anymore in order to be able to use twrp
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    8GB is like barely enough for 2 chrome tabs
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