The boss is asking you what is the progress of task1.
You provide the status.
You have 4 hours meeting where he also attends.
The meeting ends.
Boss comes to your desk and asks what is the progress on task1 -_-*¥¥¥¥¥
Fml. I was also on the same meeting OK?!

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    Is your company a start up?
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    It is not, even more 😩
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    "you know, when you said you are not a micro manager you lied?"
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    WTF?! I hate when it happens... that a clearly communication problem from your boss
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    I hate it when people act like this, if they completely forgot then ok, but if they are like:
    1. I'm the boss here wanna know what is going on whenever I choose
    2. want to show you who is in control
    3. live the situation that I"m the boss and want to act like one
    4. I have no clue what is going on and I need updates or I start panicking
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