Guys im in a rut! Feeling down and unmotivated..How do i recover

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    do something engaging and/or chill
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    Take rest and come back when you can think straight and focus on the problem
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    Take a break, switch to something completely different for a while.
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    Hike! Hikings great for that
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    Take a break for a few days and then force yourself to work on fixing a project for 2 minutes. If you don't find yourself sucked in by that time then go take a break again.
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    @SecFreak I like that pitfall algorithm 🤣
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    @irene me too, I support that.
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    Sorry to hear this, I know how much it sucks. For how long have you been feeling like this?
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    About 2 weeks
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    @arnavvats Okay, I want to make it very clear that this is NOT a diagnosis, but two weeks are the minimum required for being diagnosed with clinical depression. It would be good for you to

    1) Not panic because I said this, it may very well not be the case and getting that diagnosis would not be a reason to panic either
    2) Not beat yourself up when you don't get the shit done you want to do. I've been there, it can actually be super hard, it doesn't mean that you're just lazy.
    3) Keep trying. Don't focus too much on results as they might not be that great. As an example, if you decide to work out but don't manage to do the full one hour workout you had planned. At least do a few push ups, and then have a positive attitude about it. Little things matter a lot, so be proud of them.
    4) If it doesn't get better, seek professional help, as they can give you much better advice than me.

    Stay strong! If you want to talk, I'm here.
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    Thank you for the support and help!! 😀
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