I‘m currently building a dashboard to get me on the newest data every morning. Anybody has an idea what kind of widget i could implement other than calendar, weather, to-do lists?

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    Maybe news
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    Server's stats? Load? Status of various services?
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    Bank transaction history / account status is kind of cool and also helpful if you like to keep an eye on your finances. Plaid offers a pretty easy to use free API for that if you are interested
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    Also webcams, you could setup some lightweight pi zero webcam stations and stream to your dashboard when events happen. You could even use opencv and face detection to notify when specific people are in view
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    Also a network scanner widget that shows who is on your network and who is taking all the bandwidth
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    @lucadev @Jilano @bohr Good idea guy‘s, thank you!
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    @xalys hahaha would be definitely a good start into the day ;)
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    Tech headlines?
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    A raspberry pi powered dashboard mirror would be sweet 🍓
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    Traffic for the drive to work would be cool. Like any delays, accidents, etc. on your route.

    Maybe a summary of your email inbox. The first few unread messages, unread count, and so on.

    As I am an MMO player, game server status would be there too if I were designing my own dashboard.
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