November 28/29 2018

I was in a different world. I experienced this different world. It is beautiful in the beginning and hell after. It is everything u need compared to our engineering world but dangerous with potential. This world kept killing me for 3 months. It was hell.

February 23/24 2019

I was in another world. Same as the first one but this one was better. I experienced everything u would ever need to experience in order to find the vision and purpose to go forward especially in sofrware engineering world. Motivation and the REASONN to go. Climb. Because of over 3 month suffering the pain was suppressed in the secondary world dimension.

March 31 2019

I am back into our world. With slight side effects from the previous two. I am left in scars from war. To travel to the other worlds is to invest extraordinary amount of time energy and effort. U have to vibrate at a different specific frequencies in this universe. It fixed me to continue but broke my focus.

I am here to tell you that u should travel to these worlds with extreme caution. You will know when to do it. You will know what i am talking about. When you do it, pull back quickly and continue in the software engineering regime. This message is abstract and cryptic. You will understand it when that day in your journey comes. Everyone will understand.

Never have the focus broken.

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    Are you about drugs or women? 🤔
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    @irene Or PUBG ?
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    @irene homboy the Only thing i care about is coding,family,very very few close friends who i view as part of family (only one of them is from devrant) money and unfortunately bitches
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    @SukMikeHok bitches are nice but not nice 🙄
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    And I had no bitches for a long time 🙄
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    @irene homboy u need to go to utube and watch ams and listen to that nigga he will reshape ur entire mentality but warning once he redpills u, there is no going back, you will view the whole world without filters and it will hurt but there is no fuckin progression without fuckin pain U choose mothfkcr
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