In other news:

Today a team of a total of six developers helf a 45 minute meeting to decide upon the name of a class.

It was later made clear that the class would be renamed anyway later in production.

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    And then, 30min later, I see the typo.
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    So what's the name? Before renaming.
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    Because not using consistent names from Dev through Prod can never go wrong...
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    This happens when the class doesn't have a well defined behaviour, or you can't recognise the scope of the mentioned.
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    @norman70688 InitialSetupView. Not all that interesting imho.
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    Call it Helf.
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    I call it hell.
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    Fuck me. People need to learn that sometimes this shit really isn’t that important. If it’s really that difficult to name it probably deserves a doc string or some comment.
    What a waste of time.
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