Best of NPC recruiter, 4/11:

Recruiter: I was impressed with your background and industry experience and thought you would be a perfect fit for our series A startup *10 minute drone of how awesome they are*
Me: *eyeglazing over* What role is this?
Recruiter: What roles are you looking for? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? We're looking for a program manager or dev lead to manage a team"
Me: I'm looking for an SDET role.
Recruiter: ......*silence* so you want to run scripts, hmm.... Well, looks we don't have an exact fit at the time, but let's keep in touch for future opportunities! You never know when you'll -
Me: ... Why did you even contact me? What about my profile struck you as being aligned to anything you were looking for?
Recruiter: Well, you have a master's in CS and worked at [BigN#1] and [BigN#2] and -
Me: Thank you for your time, been a pleasure *hang up*

I want my 15 minutes back.

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    @toriyuno lol I usually have the opposite problem. I did the Build Your Own Lisp thing for fun and now everyone thinks I can parse things and do abstract syntax trees and I’m like “... literally used a library for that part.”
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    Just had a recruiter that stopped to reply me as soon as I told her that I have 3yrs work permit currently.

    And the other one did not reply once I said that I already had a bad experience with her coworker.
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    @smb26 3 years is soooo long, why would they care?
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    To the typical recruiter, if you once saw a computer in a shop window then you're automatically a perfect fit for any damn role they're desperate to fill. I love those guys.... Not.
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    @toriyuno the only reason I can think of is that the position is only for born Canadians or holders of PR - but you know, why it’s so hard to do the job right/communicate with people you approach? She simply disappeared so I have no idea if it’s really the case
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    @smb26 recruiters see you as subhuman. This is the best approach to dealing with them.
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