**My Resume** : Worked with JavaScript and .NET for the last 3 years ... have an Associates degree...more things

You look like you'd be a great fit for this position. We require a Bachelors degree, but we're willing to take 4 years progressive experience in lieu of each year of schooling.

4 YEARS of experience for EACH YEAR of school?

I guess basic reading and math aren't required to be a job recruiter? Man...Only 5 more years and I'll be able to see how my skills as a developer with 8 years of professional experience will go over as an Entry level developer!

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    8 years of professional experience is a senior.

    2-3 years professional experience usually is the "or" condition I see in job listings. Bachelor's degree or 2 years professional experience.

    8 years, the better be paying you 120k+
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