I guess it has to do with the kind of background that I have. But I always get contacted by government contractors for development jobs. On one side I think: oh nice, stable income and benefits plus the addition of this kind of work to my resume.

On the other I cannot help but yawn at how incredibly boring these jobs sound. For those that might recall some of my comments from certain posts: i am a job mercenary.

I will code in anything that pays me well and i won't give two shits about the stack.

But man, some of these fuckers can really put me to sleep while reading their specifications or projects requirements and I cannot help but feel completely and utterly BORED.

In short: si pero no.

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    si pero no
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    Government contracting sucks. I retired from the Air Force, and a contractor wanted to hire me as a C++ developer. At my enlisted pay grade. Because my retirement pay made up for the difference. I became a corporate whore for three times the amount. And now I work for one of the best companies to work for when it comes to culture and value. So glad I didn't take the offer. I just laughed at them.
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    I worked government contracts in another sector for 10+ years, even in Iraq in 2005, Korea in 2003, and Netherlands in 2006.

    It is never fun working for the government. The same types of people that I couldn't stand as my superiors in the Marine Corps, which are pretty much the people who cannot get another job or are too afraid to leave, have power issues, and have absolutely no business being in a leadership role, are in charge.

    Just never did well with the leadership of the military contracts I worked, I think every single one of them I walked out on after 3-6 months, well Iraq I got fired, but that is another story.

    But then again, I consider laws and rules more as guidelines which was never appreciated by them as much as the private sector.
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    @iAmNaN its that gut feeling which told me that a lot of people wouldn't dig working with these people man
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    @hash-table i appreciate the input man. And I feel you as a fellow vet. I really know exactly what you meant!
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    @AleCx04 do want to make a point that I had worked with these folks for several years prior to retirement, so I knew them. They were decent folks, but at the end of the day, there was a reason they were government contractors, and not in the private sector. It's sad, because some of them actually had talent.
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