......just gonna leave it here.

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    Yeah, the media is unfair, because both had different roles in this story: she led the team, and he wrote most of the code. But is something I learned to cope.
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    its all about what sells now, that's why i quit pursuing a degree in journalism. Between that and the insistence to keep up with amateur bloggers and social media, print standards have been shot to hell 🙄
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    Search shit up. He already tweeted and responded to this shit. He is completely fine with her finding the way to use the software that he wrote for the application and he is a fellow coworker of hers.

    And according to him its about 65k lines of code, the rest are model data that resides in some rather large txt files.

    He was recognized for it and he received the attention that HE wanted for it. Making this a case of "he should have been recognized by the public as well" thing is not something he wants because he is not bitching about it or discrediting his coworker.
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    @AleCx04 Still, why don't give credit to all the team? I don't saying is her fault, maybe she mentioned this in a interview (if not, what a ****), but the media shows this huge achievement as if only one person was involved. That's the reason why I have trust issues with media, because they want to pull an agenda.
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    The important sites that documented this achievement DID give credit to the rest of the team as well as the many portions of the web in which there is an actual scientific community.

    Fb and similar shitholes didn't. Pick your news correctly.
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    @maushax also...she has a Ph.D in Electrical engineering and comp science from fucking M.I.T man...she most definitely knows what she is doing.

    She wasn't just copy pasting Python code to get what she wanted.
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    @AleCx04 correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I have read and understand, she also developed the algorithm behind the achievement, right?

    I mean, if I'm not mistaken, then it also means that besides the misinformation that has been spreading (you know, as the image of OP), the people aren't taking into account that designing an algorithm is something different to actually writing it into code, right?

    I was wondering about this because I couldn't finish to understand why some "trolls" (I'm trying to be polite) are/were focusing on her collaborations on a Github repository, highlighting the LoC that she wrote there, instead of taking into account the general effort...
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    I'm not so much focused on the individual article as I am on that it is a consistent problem. If there would've been a US soldier involved in writing thw documentation then fox news woulda had the same article pictured with the stars and stripes and a guy in goddamned camouflage.

    Its not about just accurately reporting the facts anymore, it about getting a rise out of your readers. And sure you can pick one source and decide to trust them. I can just as easily open the bible and trust that the world was created in seven days.

    Personally I believe it better to look at all the sources concerning the matter however then and base my conclusion on an unbiased analysis of what they all had to say, rather than trusting one and assuming the rest are going to be inaccurate 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @maushax she did mention the whole team. and in every interview she says we
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    @M1sf3t it was never about accurately reporting the facts. That was -never- a thing right from the start when the first newspaper got published. It is about entertainment and what the masses want to hear without getting bored or overwhelmed by something way more intelligent than them. It was always like this.
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    This is the first tweet of a series of seven one this matter, from Andrew: https://twitter.com/thisgreyspirit/...
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    @ponsfrilus thanks for posting the original link bro!
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    Hmm but in the tweet he says he is the primary developer of the project
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    @0x412E2047696C The particular picture in question did not use her algorithm. She developed one of the algorithms that were considered to be used, therefore she indirectly influenced the development with the work she put into her algorithm. Attributing all efforts to her is therefor even more misleading by the mainstream media. She helped the project just as much as everyone else did, but is going to be offered better opportunities because of the misleading media coverage. The legitimacy of the media giants that pushed this narrative are the ones that is being questioned not her.
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    @0x412E2047696C i believe so. I got the same thing from reading the articles. The ammount of work the woman did was intense in terms of math and engineering to not warrant a bunch of jealous assholes shitting on what she did.
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    @p100sch go check at the ammount of work interferometry requires and you will see it differently. She used a library, in which she did contributions to, i don't give a shit if she wrote 100 lines of code....everyone that knows at least a little about interferometry knows that software just plays a role in it...knowing what to do is way more.
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    I thought programming was about thinking and not typing.

    Maybe Katie built the algorithm but just didn't type all of it herself?
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