I want your comments for my profil


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    Pretty clean layout! These diagonals are very 2019. Good contrast, nice colours. In enumerations, I'd recommend slightly more distance between two separate bullet points, i.e. more line height in-between.

    Some spelling should be checked: dimplome, réseaux informatiqueS, études secondaireS, jQuery, SystêmeS d'exploitation, Nginx (with one i), problèmes informatiqueS, postes informatiqueS.

    Also, reduce the browser window width, there are breakpoints where the cards don't work, see screenshot.

    Check out your site on https://gtmetrix.com/ , there are some static ressources where caching support is missing.

    Check also http://wave.webaim.org/ - empty links shouldn't be used because of accessibility.

    And the category of your posting is wrong, that's not a rant, but a question.
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    @Fast-Nop thanks for fast responce !
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    I approve this. works in mobile, simple, to the point.

    I'm not a designer, anyhow, some comments about the design, just nitpicks since the site is ok by itself.

    I enjoyed the fontface choices. I'm not too fond of the name font at the top though, but not sure how to improve it.

    I wasn't too crazy about the pallete, i recommend this site https://flatuicolors.com

    the footer definitely needs some margin and some changes to the font (not necessarily the fontface, probably the font weight).

    good work.
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    Owesome place you living. Been there for 1 week some years back.
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    It's incredibly good looking on mobile and automatically translates to many languages. I was kinda shocked to see it in Polish.
    Personally, I wouldn't add any info about being a cook when trying to get a dev job. Also, in polish, we don't say "Odpowiednie wykształcenie" (adequate experience?) but "Doświadczenie zawodowe" (work experience). There are also few other mistakes but I guess it doesn't really matter since its, probably, translated by Google.
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    @erandria i make a tours on google fonts :P and for the footer the padding is null on mobile to scroll less possible but a little 5px will make the difference
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    @oreru these things depend a lot on the work culture of the country where you're going to apply.

    AFAIK, in the US, it comes across as positive because it shows that you are able to do whatever needs to be done, that you can deal with very different kinds of people, and that you always find your way somehow.

    Caissier in particular is a hint that people trusted him enough to deal with cash. They probably checked his police record, which they were allowed with such a job (unlike in dev!), and they found it to be clean.

    In countries like Germany where HR likes "straight" CVs, this would not be helpful.
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