Ordered new mobile
Mobile delivered before expected date
Excited unboxed
Inserted sim tray in opposite side

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    Stuck in this context can just be used in the past participle of stick which is -> stuck.

    Stucked does not exist.

    Also, that sucks man, were you able to get it out?
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    Stuck °°

    Tried so many times, now sim ejector got broken,
    Congrats me!
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    @thesagya fuck man that is a real bad situation. Will warranty cover that?
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    @AleCx04 NO!
    And I can't replace the product bcoz my sim stuck inside there.
    Will try in mobile shop now °_°
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    That's what you call bad design. Users being idiots and trying to insert the sim tray with the wrong side up shouldn't break the device.
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    @Conrad but design should be like, make small notch at opposite side so that even idiots like me if try to insert tray by wrong side it should not insert.
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    @thesagya I thought everyone did that
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    @Conrad then I think they forgot mine one ;)
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    Which Moblie? Note to self do not order that mobile.
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    Sim card removed ;)

    Note : please be careful while inserting sim tray ;P
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