> be me
> recruiter: *sends a LinkedIn request with a message, I saw your profile, you're quite proficient in javascript and jQuery, do you want to work with us with cutting edge meteorjs stack*
> me : *the fuck ?! I don't even know that library exists, replies anyway for a call*
> me:...okay I'll call before I come in
> me: *quick look on their website which is built on meteorjs, fucking beautiful*
> me: *opens console out of curosity*
> me: holy shit, what the fuck? they're loading jQuery 1.1.2 over HTTP and website is on HTTPS, top of that they are loading jQuery libraries before jQuery.
> me : *reports to the recruiter*
> recruiter: thanks, we'll look into it
> ???
> profit

and I don't plan to work a place like that

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    Many web design shops have websites with sloppy tech and obvious usability mistakes because they hire cowboy coders who duct tape together shiny stuff while actually not knowing shit.
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    @nothappy where did you get this from? It's been posted here before...
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    @eval true events happened on LinkedIn
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