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There's one thing that you really shouldn't say to someone who's in crutches, no matter how much your reflexes tell you to. "Are you okay?"
Especially when they're going somewhere, and you can't or don't want to help them do so.

Imagine for a second, you yourself are in crutches and have been limping on one leg for a couple 100 meters to go to where you have to, shopping for food so you don't starve. And then, after those couple hundreds of meters, of course that leg that's been doing double duty for that whole period and took unusually big impacts from jumping up and down onto the ground compared to just walking, you can imagine that it is screaming in agony.

Now imagine someone who comes your way, makes the leg that more than anything wants to sit down somewhere and rest, pause the act of going the way to the beloved place to sit and rest and instead make it take even longer, that person asks you "are you okay?"


It's like saying to someone who's so introvert that they haven't opened their mouth even once at a party - likely there because their friends forced them to - "gee, you are silent, aren't you?"

Yes I'm silent, yes I'm introvert!! Why do you point that out? If anything, pretend that I'm not here to begin with!!! Stating that only makes for embarrassment!

Or going back to the leg thing.. this ground my gears more than anything. Every few dozen meters I went and rested on my crutches for a bit, and every hundred or so meters I sat down at whatever I could sit on. And people fucking look judgmentally at you for that apparently. "Look at this guy in crutches, he's sitting down!"

Yeah mate, try limping on one leg for a couple hundred meters and I'll run after you with a whip, looking at you judgmentally every time you even want to *think* about sitting down to rest. Let's see how that goes?

Or rather you fucking judgmental twat, I bet you fat fucking cunt can't even run on 2 legs for a couple hundred meters straight. But let's judge others who are doing such a running exercise for every step they take for wanting to sit and rest, shall we?

No wonder that there's mass shootings every now and then. Such people can make anyone feel fucking murderous!!!

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    Try explaining to your friends that not going to party and just doing stuff alone does not make you lonely and sad. I would also add that introversion is not disability and you don't need help "fixing" it. If they don't understand, find new friends.

    Just in case that this example wasn't made up.
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    @arraysstartat1 Well it was sorta made up situation (in whether it applies to me), sorta not.. it used to apply to me, when I went to night clubs to have a beer.. or a lot of beers. But I don't plan on visiting those places anymore. A fight there is what got me in those damned crutches in the first place. It was mostly a memory about this video from Grade A under A actually: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    When I still had crutches a couple of weeks back, everybody went: “How’s it GOING? HAHA THAT PUN THO ROFL OMGZ!! Y U NOT LAUGHING?!”. Every. Single. Time. Fuck them in the eye socket, honestly, i can’t stand those people.

    Speedy recovery to you, mate!
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    Are you okay? 😏
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    @irene oh for fucks sake mate, I'ma get you back for that someday 😆
    .. hold on

    How's RTC going? 😏😏😏
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    @Condor well, I've rewritten the shit and then restarted the client and it finally showed the old suspended change set. Piece of shit.
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    @Condor come on, you're doing OK. It's not as if you were programming in, say, Pascal.
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