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    Literally just read 3 posters for the new yoga class at work on my way to the office. Should I be worried? 🤔
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    "Also we force you to do this everyday in the morning behind your desks while everyone else watches you. Have fun with your new great mental health balance!"
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    When I was a manager and we had to allocate staff between our departments, I was first to put my hand up and grab as many staff as I needed.

    No one else was really bothered.

    When I asked them why, they replied that they had enough, why did they need more..

    I tried to point out to them that if you need X number of people to get a job done, that some of those people are at any one time, going to be off sick / holiday, so you need at least X + 1.

    Once you dig into your actual staff loss figures, you may easily need X + 2, or X + 3..
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    @Nanos more like x*2, or x*2.5
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    Yep my company does this. We also have massages. And these two things are apparently reason enough for our boss to "not accept" us unionizing.
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