Personal projects are the best.

Coming home after work.
Cooking diner and cleanup, dishwash stuff.
Giving some attention to partner.
Exercise, because you have been sitting all day.
And then the one hour that is left before you need to sleep. You fire up the project just to realize that you forgot what you have been doing. And start browsing devrant instead.

Great day. let's try again tomorrow.

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    Rinse and repeat my friend...

    Or leave some sticky notes up :D
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    @potata "who wrote this cryptic note?"
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    @jespersh *thinking inside*

    This was probably an unknown person who wanted me to do shit... I'd love to do the shit but... I'd rather stare at the unknown...

    ** Voice in the back of the head **:
    Duuuuude, we must decrypt this shit. It's so siiimple!!!! We just need a python script to read the cryptic message, then run it against machine learning script, probably with 100k learning cycles to be able to read it. Then when we will master this note, we will know what it says! Sweet victory is ours!
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    Sounds like me, but with more work and no partner. And switching devrant with trying to relax/sleep. It's really hard to do anything in one hour. I barely get started, get into the groove, and then i get sleepy.
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    I do the exact opposite:

    *codes for 2 hours*
    I should do something else too, like move my ass or something.
    *codes for another 2 hours*
    Ye my room need cleaning.
    *another hour*
    *eyes popping out*
    Gotta do it yesterday, lets get some sleep
    *accidently codes another hour*
    Oh it's midnight again? Frick
    *assassinates bed*
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    Maybe start maintaining a TODO list for that project?
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