Next job I find has to be entertaining somewhat. I thought I could deal with boring work but I'm tired of it.I It's just so damn boring. I'm not even writing new code anymore, I'm just updating dependency versioning and restructuring tests. It's bumming me out seriously. The mental fatigue from struggling to keep my eyes open every day leaves me struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

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    Like really
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    What if you worked on your personal projects when you are not updating the deps?
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    @asgs can't really work on personal projects at work unfortunately. Very corporate environment, wouldn't fly
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    @Crazed time to GTFO then!
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    @asgs eh I feel that's pretty common, especially with corporate security and stuff. Not supposed to use work equipment for private projects
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    @Crazed it's common, but doesn't imply you have to be stuck there
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