Le Angular programmer

Me: I need to add all these fields across this 30 page (seriously) questionnaire to the dataLayer for Google Analytics...I'll see if I can loop over all the controls and get the native element so that I can do things with it.

Also me: WTF do you mean I don't have access to the native element? Damn it! What does Google say?

**terrible french accent**
A few moments later
**end terrible french accent**

Me: I don't want to have to create a directive to put on every single one of these fields. That's dumb. Not gonna do it...bad vanilla JavaScript?

**terrible french accent**
Several minutes later
**end terrible french accent**

Me: Wait...if we use this directive then the directive can handle all the things AND we can use it outside of this questionnaire. The rest of the app can send this data so that Google Analytics can know all the things

Man Google..You sure do know what I want before I know what I want...Are you spying on me too?

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    For those of you unfamiliar, the DataLayer is a globally accessible array that marketing/ux people tell developers to put the entire life story of a user in so that they can run their scripts and see what you did, when you did it, and how long you did it for so that they can *try* to accurately predict what you want so that they can give you a better experiment. Then, google uses all this data from all the different websites you gather to mind fuck you into doing what it actually wants you to do because they are spying on all the things that you do all the time. We give up everything, all security, just for a bit of ease in using things.
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