I have a Server with the IP address
For clarification, this is the public IP, it does not start with 192 or 172 or whatever local IP.

When I pinged it said
From x.x.1.1: Destination Net Unreachable

After asking my Hoster what this IP address was, he said it would be the router.

In a traceroute to this IP never appears.

Since these ping problems are now fixed, this IP never appears anywhere. If it really is the Server racks router, is there any way to get that IP in Linux?

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    Your server is missing a network route that leads to the Google DNS IP. Usually, that network route is the default gateway of the Internet connection of your server, which leads to whatever IP that's not in your local network.
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    Without more information regarding your network setup, the issue you were having, and the fix you found, it's impossible to answer your question.
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    @ethernetzero this happened with every IP outside of that Network, not only

    @Gogeta70 i didn't find a fix. I was just wondering how this IP appears. Guess I have to try some stuff out by myself.

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