OMG finally!!! So excited I just installed VS 2019 and it has XAML previewer. Instantly changes to your code changes. 😍


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    Does it have screenshots?
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    2017 already had this. Or does it live databinding?
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    2017 also had live databindings(possible but pain in the ass). I don't know how its working now, but for custom pages at least in 2017 was not available at all 😑 did it somehow improved?
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    @dotFuck yes it is fast and awesome now. I'll be linking to a Mac this afternoon I'll let you know how it works for iOS then.
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    @gronostaj you could always use "print screen" then crop in paint
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    WOW! Impressive feature!
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    App idea: Takes a photo of a monitor as input and applies a filter to it so that the strange lines disappear. Outputs an image that is suitable to post here for example.
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    Is it just me or do the devs using higher level languages are easily impressed with things live seeing you gui as you change your code? Its like they are living in the 2000s do you guys even see what's going on in the dev world?
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    @Nino9612 it is more about following the progress of the app visual studios. It is a "new" (not really) feature for them. Well it actually works this time. So we are really excited for Microsoft and the visual studios team.

    I know we can be pretty narcissistic but it isn't always about us.
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    it already existed in VS2015 (idk about earlier versions), why are you so excited about that?
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