OH MY GOD, i cant believe this is my 25th day without a job... why!!!! not with all the kubernetes and node js and javascript that i know. lol. not to mention golang and python and all the networking stuff, dns, aws etc. lol where are all the recruiters when i need them?!!!!

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    It could be worse. After the dot com bubble burst, it took me ten months to land a new job. But an awesome job it is; fifteen years and going strong.
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    @iAmNaN you are lucky my friend, very lucky
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    Don’t give up, man. Just be flexible and open-minded. You’ll find something. ☺️
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    Where are you looking? Flexjobs.com and WeWorkRemotely tend to have a lot of great leads... also stack overflow's job postings.. indeed.com

    You'll find something, just keep looking :)
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    It's been a few months for me. 😕
    I needed the break, though.
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    @stisch mostly on upwork and stackoverflow. ill check that new one tho, thanks!
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    I would definitely suggest messaging recruiters on LinkedIn. My ritual was to reach out to at least 40-50 recruiters a day.

    You'll definitely get a job soon. I had on-sites with 4 companies, before I got my offer last week. You'll get there! Just keep at it.
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    still jobless, i lost count of the time , done three interviews and intentionally bailed on one. i have my own google forms clone for enterprice which im starting to doubt will get any traction in the market, ever. 5 clients have failed me already. hoping to get a remote job or office soon.

    hopefully i dont die of hunger and poverty before then,lol
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