School made me a stickler for the Linux kernel coding conventions in regards to the C language. And even though I shouldn't feel bothered by reading other coding styles.....i still get annoyed.

I try not to get irked cuz I find it a small thing to get annoyed at.... but i still do.....bad.

And even then i dislike how there is not padding inside of funcion parametes

fu(int here, int there) {}

Should be

fu( int here, int there ) {}

That space man...its needed.

Man this is such a small thing to be annoyed at..

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    Funny, I find that extra padding *super* annoying 🤣
    Thank goodness for modern editors and IDEs with auto-formatting!
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    No, I don't like those additional spaces. Makes those look alien to me
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    @endor @asgs 🤷‍♂️ it is what it is. It won't stop me from working on code or reading it. Just a small preference
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