Why are such many people afraid of dying instead being happy for being still alive?
I mean - if you die, it happens within some seconds ... done.
But on the other side, every other minute of your life, you just don't die.

So dying is statistically negligible.

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    Ever been shot at?
    Has anyone ever tried to mug you?
    Do you know what a gang going for you looks like?

    Yup, it ain't much about dying, its a lil more about how you die what scares people.
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    According to this comments, I think the thing they fear is the loss of control and options for themselves. Trying to accept the unavoidable might be the best practise to prevent suffering at all. Even if it means to code in stuff, which f**ks our brains.
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    everyone is making so much sense, I can't say anyone's wrong, ncluding op
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    Am I the only one who isn't afraid of dying? I mean yeah, I am in no means ready to quit life, but that's like the biggest cliffhanger EVER. I want to know what's next. If it's 'nothing' (NULL?) I can't be pissed about it at least heh
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    In my culture when you die you are born again as something else to settle your score with karma.

    I'm hoping to be born as a dog in a rich girl's house.

    So I've decided to leave the universe some clues about my plans. So I sometimes howl at people. When I'm in the mood for it I pee with my left leg up. I run around in circles trying to sniff my own butt.

    All this so that the hr department in karma.inc goes "hmm this guys got potential" so fingers crossed
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    @RantSomeWhere that's actually quite comforting and wishfully thinking/hoping it's true...
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    @Kruzifix i dunno, I just am...
    I don't know either why I want to have sex... it's an urge, ofc, well maybe fear of death is a similar thing...
    it's just in your head, if we had no fear of dying, then there would be no survival instinct and we wouldn't be alive in the first place
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    It’s what they think might happen after
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    I fear most that my familie will have financial issues without me. Even tho my wife is quite safe. I don't think about death, I prefer to live as happy as I can. My life is the way I forged it. Might have failed here and there, but I was mostly lucky.
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    @irene just because there’s no proof doesn’t mean there isn’t
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    @irene correct. Not knowing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
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    @rutee07 no barking I'm too sophisticated for that. Remember rich house.
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    @irene because your second statement is correct. Amount of proof doesn’t influence likeliness if the amount of proof is zero.
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    @irene how does it?
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    @irene exactly
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    I was thinking today that my parents didn't talk much about our ancestors.

    Some people though even have paintings of their ancestors which they see everyday since they are young or they are told stories about their lineage, this tends to be true in big or rich families.

    I think that kind of let people get used to the idea of dying and becoming one of those paintings/stories.

    That was not my experience.
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    @irene well.. no
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    @rutee07 I'ma be barking in french accent. le woof le woof bitches... Hehe
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