Android development sucks:


I told my uncle(Android fan) that I was pretty excited about the iphone SE2 being talked about since it was one of the last iPhones that I really liked, the form factor of the 5s was perfect for me. And even though I am using an s9 right now, I really dislike having a phone whose development workflow was such a pain in the ass to me(i was an android dev for a good while back) and how I always enjoyed ios dev more. It has always been funny to me since I love Java and thought Android development would be fun.

The people that know me here also know that I don't shit on tech, for me to dislike something It really needs to bother me.


And I love seeing other professionals agree with me. I really do, specially for the very same technical issues that I complained about at one point or another.

Check the article if you want to have a quick read regarding proper technical reasons as to why one might dislike development on Android products.

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    Made a flash cards app (https://github.com/inabahare/...) in ionic which was pretty nice to make (and I have some things planned as well). Trying and testing it via the ionic devapp was quite nice as well.

    But then I tried making an APK, and hoooooo boy that wasn't very pleasant :v
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    @Frederick if you can stick to it enough to remember all them pitfalls you will have my eternal respect and admiration bro. I hated everything about it and it was crushing my soul because I love Java, thought that would be enough but noooooo
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    @inaba see, the experience that one gets from using other tools like ionic, react native, flutter, Xamarin(just kidding xamarin sucks too) is better, but there is always that ont thing you know?

    This is why Ios devs don't bother with cross platform. Development in IOS is just so much more pleasant in every way.

    Well, that is not necessarily true, sometimes xcode acts like an angry teen
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    I also hate it - and I think I come from the same place as the article, in that I'd done years of professional Java development before I touched Android. That tends to make it harder in a way (or at least much more frustrating), as it lures you in then bites you when you least expect it...
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    @AlmondSauce eeeexactly. I was expecting for it to be more similar to swing development. Could not be more different
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