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Went back to that bar today that I had a fight at about a month ago. Asked about that flash drive I lost there, yada yada.. bar owner gave me her part of the story. Apparently she didn't find that flash drive. So that still leaves me to refresh the keys it stored I guess.

"So you got pretty drunk here, had a ton of Duvels, went to the toilet, and barged out all of a sudden, followed by that incident. But you sat for so long in there.. it was suspicious."

Meanwhile I'm here like "yeah yeah that's what happened, that how I recall it too.. but suspicious? Did she think that I was hacking shit from there?"

"I thought you were taking drugs in there."

".. Oh. ... Not to worry, I don't take drugs."

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    ssh, telnet some new ram in that matrix, barwoman!
    You're serving beer, guess what that is.. or do I really need to bash my codec into your interface?

    Suspiciously but just assuming, unknowing but kinda hypocrite, plebs will still be plebs..

    Gawd dangit! Why did you not refresh those keys yet tho... procrastination much! lol
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    @xewl those 22 years of procrastination skills aren't there for no reason 😜
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