When I started at a new job and couldn't find the CMDB. I asked one of the so-called experts if it was true that we didn't have one, and he confirmed. "We don't need one," he said. "We have puppet!"

Thousands of servers. Hundreds in our own little silo. No CMDB at all. What the fuck?

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    Most places aren't ITIL-aware much less ITIL-following.

    I'm not surprised there isn't a CMDB.

    You should ask if there are any ITIL guidelines in place but be prepared for blank stares and questions about what ITIL is.
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    CMDB's are useless unless something can autofeed and continually update the information into the CMDB.

    TBM vendors have different ways to do this now; however, their usefulness varies a good deal.
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