Just thank you so much Eclipse, for executing the entire build pipeline instead of running the last configuration.

Thank you so so much for considerately forcing me to clean upon every change to the codebase, also obliterating reliable hot code replace.

Special thanks for letting me clean once more, after the pipeline finished.

And thank you for the search bug, where all CTRL+H searches result in an error message, even though the search is being conducted.

Just go fucking die, you tremendous piece of garbage.

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    Aaah the good ol' days I've had with eclipse... Lovely!

    Also executing the entire pipeline by accident is the perfect moment to get coffee and relax for a little while
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    10+ minutes, in fact, since there is JNI involved.

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    Hmm, eclipse still exists. I've forgotten about it since I switched to Intellij.
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    I am coming back to it from IntelliJ. Miss the superfast autocomplete and the great multi-monitor support already so damn much.
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    Lucky you. I have got to go with eclipse since it's the only ide that the company wants to be using on a 12 year old project. With all the strings attached. It putting to it's knees even the more powerful of the machines. Has to run a server in debug mode with a ton of applications. Glory.
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    I feel for you.
    There were days when you had to develop for android on eclipse and it hurt balls and I don't have any so you can imagine how bad it was...
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    @Maer but why are you going back to it? Does it have some redeeming feature that I'm failing to see?
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    @kgbemployee Not my decision.
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