I bought a Mi Band 3 4 days ago and I already modified the firmware. I hate when the manufacturer limit functions of software when the hardware it's very capable.

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    What are you planning on changing?
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    Didn't realise there was already a third party firmware for it?
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    @RichardoC Yes but I wanted more control from the device. It still works with Mi Fit and other apps, just added commands to perform new actions like write directly to screen.
    I'm currently working in correct split of words because having something like
    "This i
    s a tex
    is a pain in the eyes.
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    If you ever have a closer look at car engines, you are going to have a bad time.
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    @LuxARTS Because creating diffrent engine parts is expensive. So manufacturers essentially change the engine only slightly for diffrent performance models. You can most likely get an additional 20+ hp with chip tuning alone.
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    @JFK422 Shit, I didn't know about that.
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