Not really dev, but any time I have to use Matlab or R is a WTF experience.

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    Shush. R is fucking awesome for data works
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    @Froot it gets the job done, but its syntax makes me want to throw up. I much prefer Python with Pandas and the stats packages. It can do all R does and much more.
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    The fact that data types are just SLIGHTLY weird annoys me the most about R.

    Why rename things? Why do you have to ever so slightly change the name for data types when it's a thing that's been established for so fucking long?
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    @620hun I agree with @maushax here.
    R has some syntax peculiarities but once you get used to them it's not that bad.

    Also, a thing that takes a couple of lines in R takes way more in Python, at least for me. Then again I don't know much Python and actually I find it's syntax even weirder (I want my brackets! 😀)

    Also there's the package management nonsense of Python. Might be me again but too often I run I to some weird dependency collisions and whatnot with Python.
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