Not really dev, but any time I have to use Matlab or R is a WTF experience.

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    Shush. R is fucking awesome for data works
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    @Froot it gets the job done, but its syntax makes me want to throw up. I much prefer Python with Pandas and the stats packages. It can do all R does and much more.
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    @620hun I agree with @maushax here.
    R has some syntax peculiarities but once you get used to them it's not that bad.

    Also, a thing that takes a couple of lines in R takes way more in Python, at least for me. Then again I don't know much Python and actually I find it's syntax even weirder (I want my brackets! 😀)

    Also there's the package management nonsense of Python. Might be me again but too often I run I to some weird dependency collisions and whatnot with Python.
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