f*** my company (80 people) was aquired today by the biggest telecom company in Switzerland. At least we can still work under our own brand more or less independently for now. What drives me crazy is that I land again in the same company where I was in my apprenticeship and have sworn not to return due to the size of the company (20k employees)!

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    Bad luck I guess
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    Ah, di guete alte swisscom ^^
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    @Wack was genau isch guet? 😁 jänu, wird äuä scho irgendwie klappe..

    I will see how we will proceed, there are a few uncertainties, therefore it could go good or bad in the long term.
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    @2erXre5 never worked for them, but I've worked for a company that used Swisscom IT services. It was the worst. Nothing worked and tickets took for ever. Luckily my team was allowed to get our own hardware :P
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