so, this is gonna be a little long question regarding life as a programmer . hope you can bear me.

so, the situation where i am is that i spend all my day in laptop cause i want to change the world and make better living for the poor by the support i can give to them using my knowledge. but eventually nothing is happening that way. my parents and siblings complaint that i spend all my day in front of the screen coding apps and doing some kind of programming. but the fact is that nothing is coming out of that . sometimes i feel depressed about it and it's kind of like i start hating YouTubers and promotional spammers who show how you can change life and earn billions with just your hello world apps. i had an app on play store which was doing decent but this year my publisher account (developer account) got terminated because i breaked some policies about whom i didn't knew exist.for now i just want to earn enough money and wanna help out people in my twenties.

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    Thats a noble goal, but to help others, you first need to help yourself.

    I'd say get full time job that pays well, and on side after work do those hobby projects for helping poor.
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    @myss i am an undergraduate student as of now and have 2 years remaining for my graduation
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