What are the chances that you get busted by your manager and 3 team leaders you personally know when you are going to a job interview?

We have poor men’s silicon valley near universities. Our company’s one office moves to another university. By the one in a million luck, interview takes at the same building where our next office of my current company will be. Managers and team leaders are there to inspect the new office. I enter the building, see them near elevator. One of them see me, with panic i wave my hand to him. There is a distance of ten meters, I hide behind a column. The team leader who sees me waving thinks I am with them to inspect new office. He asks others why am I not coming with them as I learn later. I can not pretend to play along and catch up with them, due to panic and time of interview is soon already. They get into elevator and finally I dont have to hide anymore πŸ˜‚.

I got into interview and c++ exam with that physcology. Little did they knew that I just completed CPP PRIMER book. I both rock interview and exam but lets see if they will return with a job offer. What a rollercoaster of emotions.
Note: I am on mobile now so can not give more juicy details for now, fingers are tired.

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    I told a team leader has seen me. I know him from university. I studied at two different departments. First one failed, second was software engineering. We both started our first depts but his one and only education was soft eng. He basically has 5 more years exp than me.

    Anyways group consisted of 4 people. 2 team lead, one manager and my friend. When that team lead announced my existence, only my friend understood the situation, since he is gonna meet with that company alsoπŸ˜‚. He tries to change topic but shit is so bizarre. Except my friend, they do not suspect I am there for an interview. But I do assume worst and think they know the reason.
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    I really admire my manager, after my interview, I went to confess to him. He is a cool guy so no problem. When I am in the office, the team lead who saw me jokes in the office, “ haha we busted you” but he still does not suspect, otherwise he would talk privately. Shit really gets bizarre^2. Half of the office jokes; which is your next company, is it foreign country, what is new salary etc. People know I am really looking for job are the close ones though, they do not join shitshow.

    Anyways, I learn the manager is not in the office. I call him and confirm they all think I was just there to inspect new office but surprised why I did not join etc etc. I confess to him about interview, and he says it is professional life. Of course it would be better if nobody knew but the guy is good so I am not afraid of getting sacked etc.
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