I just had my worst hackathon so far and need to puke my whole toxic hatred, the rant will be full of hate so be warned. (I just don't want to let it go on my girlfriend, but I need to shout it out loud somewhere)

First of all, it is alright to be a beginner at a hackathon. It is also alright to not know that much about coding and want to learn. But it is not alright to lie about your skill, pretend to be a senior programmer and waste my fucking time.

Don't even fucking dare to say your are "fit" in Android development if you just have done some foobar tutorial on YouTube, don't even bother to read the document and have literally non existent knowledge about computer science.

Why the fucking hell do you need to pretend to be a seasoned programmer if you are just a bloody beginner? I mean you are in a hackathon full of computer nerds so soon or later your impostor ass will be debunked so what is the point?

And the other guy. Why the fucking hell did.'t you say that you just begin Python for 3 months? You are not a fucking developer if you just started coding for 3 fucking months. Learn some fucking coding before starting with machine learning you fucking punk ass bitch script kiddie.

Alright, maybe I was too naive to not check my teammates' background before make a team with them. Fuck me and my fucking stupid ass. My dumb ass monkey brain fell for big mouths, I deserved the headache right now and none less.

Lesson learned!

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    @Salzian yes. I even feel bad about myself for writing this horrible rant.
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    The reason is that these noobs were hoping to get into a team where someone else would do all the hard work and they could brag about their participation. They were also hoping not to be kicked out of the team.
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    I sympathize. I hate this crap.

    Yea. It only takes a few weeks to "learn how to python". You can be programming in a super short time.

    But honestly, it took me at least 8ish years to confidently say I'm a good programmer. And even then I'm constantly reminded I'm not that good, my style sucks, etc. I can't stand that some people claim to know what they're doing after less than a year or two minimum.
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    I've been an Android developer for almost 2 years and this rant scares me to ever go to a hackathon. How did this guy know about Android?
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    @OutdatedPC nah don't be! Hackathons are great! Just remember two basic rules:

    1. You are almost certainly not the smartest guy in the room. Be honest about your skill level. People are nice and will teach you things. And you can teach them things. Don't be cocky.

    2. If you are the smartest guy in the room: you're in the wrong room. There's nothing to learn here. Find a new room.
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    "I am fit in python"

    What the hell, that one was new to me.
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    @lunorian I would say, from knowing nothing about programming to developer, minimum 6 months give or take. It doesn’t have to be a rule, idk...
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    @lunorian You are a developer if you can develop something useful.
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    @lunorian dude you know what I mean XD
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