Just received this beauty by a customer. They "made some changes to the HTML". WTF?! Also, alongside was another docx called "printscreen.docx" with only a picture and nothing more in it. I would really like to laugh, but it would evolve into sad, depressing crying.

(Sorry for the "screenshot", but this is on a very restricted Winshit laptop we got from the company who buys our stuff.)

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    That's amazing 😂
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    @Root It is, right? Sometimes I wonder if they do this shit on purpose. I mean, they CAN'T be that dumb... right...? right.....?
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    @wildcard Awww man ... *shakes head in disbelief*
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    @wildcard They know nothing else. 😔
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    Word is known data manipulation multi tool among seasoned office workers, a program that doesn't know any borders regarding purposes it's being used for- pdfs, rich text, formatting, printing, document design, image editing, coding, drawing.
    There is only one tool surpassing Word in relatively small niche- Excel. Veteran office workers know their ways to avoid it and create spreadsheets on good ole Word, no doubt about that.
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    My GOD. And my eyes... I can't unsee that.

    Send then customer the damned thing back, with filename: flrag.docx.bat.exe.com, and tell them you appriciate the help, but you could not open the file they sent, and maybe they could fix it, and send again.
    Maybe they will go away then.
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    Wait.. they didn’t just... you must be kidding.
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