While sorting through my downloads folder, I noticed the file size for the Atom setup program: 138MB. For a text editor, that's pretty ridiculous and makes its name quite ironic.

I have similar disdain for Piskel (pixel graphics editor) and Etcher (USB/SD card image writer). Though these are all useful programs, none of these ought to be anywhere near the sizes they are.

Meanwhile, Notepad++ weighs 3MB which is a lot more reasonable.


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    And people ask me why I don't like Electron Apps...

    Edit: Just checked and Sublime Text 3 has a download size of 10.91MB (for Winx64)
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    Those are all 3 electron-apps.
    Meaning they each contain a chromium-browser, a nodejs-runtime and their modules.
    Why do you think they are so huge.
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    Because disk space is at a premium these disk space is at a premium these days... Ugh...
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    Dude, etcher though.
    Imagine needing a browser and a node runtime to flash a fucking disk image. Like, it can’t get anymore bloated from there.
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    Arguably no system resource is a premium these days but IMO it's unreasonable to use so much resource unnecessarily in any case.

    The bigger file size will need more bandwidth to download. Also there's the RAM usage: I open Atom and immediately it uses 300MB RAM.

    Notepad++ currently using 16MB with about 10 tabs open.
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    Forward to 2022:
    Me: *opens 5 apps*
    PC with 16GB of RAM: *crashes*
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