So I'm in a sort of predicament, I love the environment of the office that I work in, the freedom and I get along with pretty much everyone.

The only down side is that I can't see a whole lot of development in my coding ability, a lot of the people around me are more junior than I am and I'm so used to being around friends in college that knew a lot more than me that I could bounce ideas around with, don't get me wrong I can and have learned a lot on my own but it's just nice to be around people that know more than I do.

Has anyone else been in or is in a similar situation and does anyone have any advice on what to do about it?

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    about a year ago I was in the situation that I was the goto person for everything. just like you I got along with everyone and liked the office. but I too was searching for more knowledgeable people so I could learn more. This and some other reasons lead me to change my job. now I am in web development what I had never done professionally before. I learn a lot but it's much more from the problems I am facing than from people. I miss the old office and all my friends there a lot.

    my advise would be to stay if you have fun and try to do all kinds of different stuff. maybe try to get a new language into the company. Or depending on what your company does gather some ideas for the business. Start caring about the business you work in.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon thanks for sharing your experience and the advice, that makes a lot of sense.
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