If you thought your Walmart near you was crazy ... you haven’t been to San Jose Walmart in California .. it’s soooo bad here everything is fucken locked up... I kid you not I’ve never seen such shit, from the people and the environment.... wtf

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    I've been to the US once and my sister and I absolutely wanted to see a Walmart to find out if the memes about it were true... We went to that one in San Jose and it was like a fun episode on discovery channel and we loved it 😂
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    shit you guys should come check out a walmart in mississippi one day.

    We're not all obese, but if we are, you can bet we shop at walmart.

    But then where else are we going to find a powered wheelchair because we're too lazy to walk and exercise. God forbid someone that's actually handicapped need one 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    @frickerg If I ever go to the US, checking out Walmart is on my list as well
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    @M1sf3t Disneyland florida seemed to have plenty of powered chairs for the fat and lazy when I was last there.

    Everytime I go to the states it seems more and more people are either obese or ultra-fit, with fewer people in the middle ground.
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    @frickerg it was crazy! I’ve never seen so many cameras.... that Walmart has a million plus dollars in security cameras.... and 500 old short Mexican ladies working there stocking shelf’s... they even made spots at the end of shelves to hold the ladders.... it was like ompa-loompa doopity doo.... none of them spoke English. It was crazy!

    But I can assure you come to the mid west.. like Michigan, Walmart is not like that.
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