my colleague had to send 50 semi individualized emails and started to do one after another. i quickly wrote a script to prepare the emails to be set up with a few clicks. she was impressed and thankful before proceeding to finish the task by hand.

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    yesterday we recieved a quite urgent info to get our hands on some data from websites. It gone to not tech (but law) team who dont know anything about joining data etc. so they didnt know I can do lot of their work with few lines.

    So they come to me if I know XYZ and what he/she wanted. It's offtop, I look at the excel what theyre doing and im like omg. They were manually scrapping website, writing into excel, finding records in excel (ctrl+f) and manually joining.

    Around 20 minutes later I had 4 sites with tables scraped into my MariaDB, done few joins in PMA and exported as CSV for easy excel import.

    I saved them around week of work.

    Today they brought 4 bottles of premium beer for me as thank you.

    Sometimes I hate my job, sometimes its fine, sometimes im supprised how someone suddenly appriciates my work.
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