Seeing how cool the community's work stories here, and how they know a lot and how they work in organized companies makes me feel like an absolute piece of shit who's lacking a lot of industry skills.

Remotely working for a startup that lacks any sense of organization, CTO is a volunteering web developer who never shows up. A lone wolf I am. I never signed to be a lone wolf. A product that is based on an absolute garbage product that is in turn based on another utter garbage product. It feels so much pain every time I have to deal with that garbage that I end up watching some stupid anime instead. Decent salary for a junior, very friendly people, and a very empowering non-profit cause but still... technical side is just shit and I don't think I can keep with this.

Sigh :(

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    Small steps often make big difference.
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    They are mostly web developers so they dont count.
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    Don't watch the anime. Ask for more work. Learn new tech. Train people.
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    @cst1992 Here's the thing, za big task for me is to create an app that has works offline and syncs with the absolute garbage web app. The api documentation? Some of it non-existent. The bits that exist are poorly explained. The CTO does not spend time to help and I doubt he has any more understanding than I do. I managed to make the app demoable and tracked callbacks using dev. tools. However, believe it or not, there are no exact specifics yet on what the app should or should not contain and the API responses vary significantly from one to another. No clear schema and thus not able to devise a local database schema to do this sync. That if I manage to find all the requests I need. Another thing is that this data is super sensitive. Needs to be encrypted on every device. Right approach? Don't know about that...
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    @cst1992 These people are from Harvard (non-tech but another prestigious field)
    The cause is great, they're acing competitions and getting fund and a lot of attention. It is just that the technical side that's not going to cut like this.

    I suggested to the CTO that we need to build our own custom product rather than relying on that garbage and he said true but in three long term.

    While I'm good at collaborating and managing projects (not ignorant at least) I would still value a senior supervision, clear requirements and a nice plan.
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