I HATE when websites ignore your browser language and use your IP address to set the language instead

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    Yup. I want to use the English version of a lot of sites, but they redirect me to a German one (or even one specifically made for Austria). I hate it.
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    I am even more annoyed at Google for doing this. It keeps suggesting stuff based on the country I am in rather than on my preference. Yesterday Play books listed books in the wrong language. After all I am logged in and they should know better. I can't even select to see books in the languages I want.
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    Selecting language based on IP is part of the war on tourism.
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    Should guess locale based on the browser and let the user change it to whatever. Shouldn't try to guess location based on IP at all.

    Ain't my fault company main and backup proxies are in 2 neighboring states. E.g. every time I open maps, I have to scroll to neighboring state to my city, because it places me where "it thinks" I might be.
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