Someone wanted to take a look to kde on Ubuntu 18.04 in my laptop, so did:

`sudo tasksel install kubuntu-desktop`

After rebooting and all did:

`sudo tasksell remove kubuntu-desktop`

and now I don't have GUI. The problem is that I can't also have network, neither by WiFi or ethernet. So I can't install packages.

The best way to fix that is to reinstall Ubuntu? Or there is a way to recover the ability to connect to network?

BTW, yes: "someone" was myself.
Shame on me 😔

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    You can connect to the network again through the terminal, look it up
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    One shall never install and uninstall another DE especially on Ubuntu...reinstall is probably the best way to fix that mess.
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    Win 98
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    Boot from USB and chroot into that Ubuntu, then reinstall DE. Root required.

    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

    cd /mnt

    mount -t tmpfs tmpfs tmp

    mount -t sysfs sys sys

    mount -t proc proc proc

    chroot .

    mount -a

    apt update

    apt install ubuntu-desktop
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