it was all fun and games but suddenly i get a bit nervous since my software will be responsible for almost all aspects of our department from monday on 😱

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    I know a similar feeling.

    I'm a junior dev and my scripts work unsupervised. Thankfully I was given read-only accounts on external devices to use... And I theoretically only read data from them, but I'm still nervous. 😱
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    @haze what do you mean theoretically....

    Have you installed backdoors...😂
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    @Konsole No, but it's tempting...

    And you know, I'm a junior dev, not long with this company. They believe in me but I don't believe in myself. I think I may mess something up and accidentally break something, even with a read-only permissions. 😅
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    @haze Ah... Tell me about it..
    I am an intern from past 15 days.
    I don't even touch their staging , prod environments. (Not that they would give me access anyway)
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    @Konsole So I have exactly opposite situation:

    I've been here for 2 months, half the time because I have uni.
    I already make stuff that after testing (by me, not really anyone else, I just show the results) go to the clients...
    And now I have this access to client's devices so that my script can scrap relevant information and process it.

    So, you know, feels like a lot of responsibility*. And I'm bad with being responsible. I can hardly take care of myself. And always when I finally get a hold of something (including my life), then something happens and fucks everything up.

    *And sound like a lot of irresponsibility on their part, but my friend works there and put a good word, so it's not like they trust a completely random and unknown person... is it?
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    @haze Not really... They shouldn't give access to newbies in my opinion. I mean... We are just learning right... We are bound to make mistakes some day or other. If they have given you access to clients machines then either they are irresponsible or they are sure that you can't do anything damaging with the privileges that you have. (I think the latter is more likely since you said you have RO access only)
    And if something happens , it's not your fault. They should be checking what you are doing. If they don't, it's their mistake.
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