My first actual rant on devRant:

Fuck corporate companies. Fuck agile development.

In the last 8 months I’ve been with this company, I’ve 1) made the app layout (which was super fucked) compatible with iPad. 2) reduced the apps size by 1/3 of the original size. 3) improved memory usage by double the efficiency, nearly eliminated all memory leaks. 4) gotten employee of the quarter for some of the above mentioned.

After all of this I got a talking to from product manager that “he knows I am a good developer but needs more consistency” after I spent a sprint on one story trying to consolidate front end validation logic and make a “validatableTextField” actually do some validation. So much for the MVVM you promised me.

Also, was promised I’d get some experience with Android, and with a team of 8 devs 6 of which have droid backgrounds and other two are juniors, guess whose only even built the droid project once in 8 months? You guessed it. This company has drained me of all of my knowledge, went against most of its promises to me, and values pushing features to the point of adding tech debt faster than I can solve it.

Unfortunately my personal life relies on this job or I’d quit right away. But you bet your ass I’m passively looking for something and I can’t wait till I get a job offer and quit on these ungrateful hypocrites.

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    No wonder big companies pay well cause their shit practices would make any decent developer leave
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    Do a nudie run when you leave too...
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    One good thing about a former manager is she religiously held monthly meetings for our dept. I always said something positive when we went around the room, and would expound on an idea to improve some process, if I had one.
    I asked other, more senior employees why they never said anything. "I'm not giving them an opportunity to steal my ideas," was always the reply.
    This above said, it's clear to me the company wot [sic] employees you, hired you because you were sizzling with new ideas for them to steal. And now, fait accompli.
    What kind of personal life do you conduct that it's hard coded to prevent you from leaving your job? Are you prepared to examine the very base priorities of your life? Because, Virginia, there's no Santa Claus, and something somewhere has triggered you to devalue yourself.
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    I didnt fully understand what is your problem, but agile development is not part of the problem.
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    @WorstVarNames making the app better is outside of sprint scope so therefore my changes where scrapped and it was viewed as I did nothing for 2 weeks by management.
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