My 14 year old self stared at Chrome and decided to consult Google on a random fleeting thought...

"How is software made?"

The search resulted in my downloading Visual Studio. Without any understanding of what it was or how it worked I somehow managed to create a new Winforms project.

I started to drag controls from the ToolBox onto the form, and I specifically recall thinking "Wow! This is easy.". Little did I know...

I then inadvertently double clicked either a control or the form which as most will know switches from the designer view to the code editor taking you to the code that drives the form.

"What the hell is this?"

I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at, but decided I was determined to understand what all of that random text did.

So, yeah, my first dev project was a Winforms App consisting of a single button that did absolutely nothing, but yet happens to be the most important app I have ever created.

To think I'd be working in an entirely different sector if it wasn't for that one Google search.

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    Following that my first actual project was a quiz app. I stayed up all night till mid day the day following building this little quiz. How proud of myself I was.

    It was a console app that consisted of one file with the same set of statements copied and pasted.

    Write Question
    Get Answer
    Continue if answer was correct
    terminate if answer was incorrect

    I must have copied and pasted that code over and over a 100 times. I hadn’t got to the video on loops at the time.

    Fun times.
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    You basically explained how I started coding. Except I started with VB6. Now I am using C#, .NET Core and WPF. I love it.
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    I remember playing minecraft with the computer mod. Soon discovered how to use the computer, I was able to create processes on the pc by editing some texts that had colors and a strange but fun structure. Soon discovered on tutorials on youtube that the pc got a lua live interpreter. Got in love.
    Started codacademy Ruby course-on part job free time. Got to TI course-was in touch with other pationated devs. Loved more and more.

    Right now, I'm already in college and recently got my first internship on C# that we much joked about on TI course 😁
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    I had that same question at the age of 7. Never looked back...

    I started with some thing called "NeoBook" and the moved on to MS SmallBasic (it's a nice language actually, look it up) then I went to Roblox (Lua), and then C#. So I've been going now down the Linux Shell path, so I'm learning bash now, lots of fun.

    I remember my first experience with Visual Studio... It was slow...
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