I feel i need to be specialized in something coz everyone can code now... like u have machine learning engineers and devops/cybersecurity but im not really into either. What other sub fields are there?

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    Guess what, choose what suits you the best (and maybe where you really can shine). And don't follow hypes, they disappear as soon as the have appeared, stay grounded with two feets in a 'classic' area brings you the most benefit (technically, not what you earn) in long term.
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    Specialization is a dead end path. You need to be able to adapt to what is needed. The faster technology changes, the less relevant specialists become.
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    @iAmNaN i wouldnt say it's completely a dead end. If your working in a field and happen to notice something new about to take off, then getting in on the ground floor before all the saturation sets in will usually find you a pretty secure living and maybe even a minion or two to command before the field stagnates.

    The trick is to already have a head start before everyone else begins to catch on. Otherwise you just wind up locking yourself into being someone else's minion when everything settles
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    Yeah everyone can code now.
    They display data from json on html page and they think that they can change the world.
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    @rEaL-jAsE i worked as all of the above for some time except game dev. They are relatively easy. I wanted something that cant be picked up by a random dude over a couple of months. Like something people would need but not find and abundance of making them willing to pay extra to for them.
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