The number of ‘Junior FRONT-end’ positions that list Node.js as a requirement.

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    A senior with junior salary basically
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    @devTea Yes. Node.js is used to run scripts on the server side. It’s not what a typical front end dev should be required to do, let alone a junior one.
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    @AbdulJabbar well the term front end also works with React/Angular/Vue SPA, so node.js isn’t that wrong, but usually they require you to be God with peanuts salary
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    @devTea Maybe I am missing something here. While I do interact with Node.js via npm where I can setup basic npm scripts and configure my environment, ultimately I am compiling the code for the browser to interpret. I don’t go anywhere near utilising Node.js’ full potential. What I am trying to say is, when I hear Node.js, I think server side scripting, express etc. Perhaps instead of just having ‘Node.js’ as a requirement, they could be more specific.
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    @AbdulJabbar agree
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    If I give a front end developer an interview I will reasonably expect them to know what Node.js is even if it ain't used on our backend. I know of no current front end framework that does not use it. Even with Sass you are expected to know at least how to use the package.json file to run the compile scripts.

    There is waaaay more to frontend than just css,html and basic js
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    @AleCx04 webpack and configurating loaders is a good plus. Http framework. Testing modules. Its all part of node.js.
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    It's not frontend developer anymore, it's frontend engineer. Most of the modern frontend applications built with React/Angular/Vue is more complex than it's backend counter parts. And for learning React, Angular and Vue, having sound knowledge of Node.js is a must (Well, it helps). I don't see a problem with listing Node.js as a requirement but if the pay is less, then that's a real problem.
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    @htlr Junior frontend engineer = senior frontend dev at junior salary.
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    We certain some if them are not just another of those bullshit listings that say they require extensive javascript and css knowledge when they only need you to slap them together a simple site using wordpress?

    Or like the guys and gals that list node on their profile just because they figure out how to use the npm install command?

    I could see it going either way honestly, recruiters are like any other salesman, they typically only learn the minimum amount required to put together a pitch.
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