Apple using JS as their calculator

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    Why would they add 9 to 99 is beyond me, but hey...
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    @kamen the PM wants to add the cost (9$) with the brand ($99), and accidentally used JS. After the result showed up, he thought that $999 is a good price range for a stand with apple logo
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    Still makes no sense since prices are usually intentionally left ending in 9, .9, .5 and so on. Also, machined aluminium costs a lot. Certainly not $999, but certainly not $9 either.
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    It's funny, if the 6K monitor was announced at $5999, INCLUDING stand instead of $4999 without the stand, a lot of people would probably have bought it blindly 😆

    Even though 6K is such bullshit at 32 inch in my opinion... I mean most devs and designers stare at their screens through so many tears of exhaustion and frustration that "retina" quality is a relative concept anyway.

    If you have that much dispensable income, just get a 5K Iiyama IPS panel at $700... Or you can buy 6 of them and still have money left over for a 6 VESA mounts -- Same color quality, same pixel density, same refresh rate... but 88 million pixels covering your bedroom wall instead of 19.

    My humble opinion: The 2015 Macbook Pro was the last piece of Apple hardware that still resembled reasonable value.
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    @bittersweet "Retina quality" is nonsense. "Retina" is just Apple's way of saying that the display has slightly higher DPI than usual. It's not special in any way. Yes, they have a 13" WQXGA, but there are a lot of 4K panels in the same size and also in 14/15". Heck, there are even phone screens that are 4K.
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    @kamen Yup, it's all about getting DPI in relation to screen distance (or pixels per radian) to a level acceptable for your applications, and then maximizing total real estate.
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