How come a Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM is MUCH MUCH faster than an iMac with 8GB of RAM!
When the rest of the specs are identical ...

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    @M1sf3t Nope, both almost have the same software installed, I tried clearing cache, disable startup items, even set background to black color, still iMac is a pain :\
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    @M1sf3t I am not sure tbh, mac mini is using HDMI while iMac as you know the built-in screen, would this make a difference?
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    Heat. Check the temperatures.
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    @irene it could but I don't think it is heating up from the moment it is turned on, its like this all time
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    @M1sf3t lool I'd expect the same
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    @gitpush considering it's a Mac it can have all possible issues in it. Including instant overheating. BTW, if it's not a new device it might need some cleaning as well.
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    @irene I need to check for cleaning, but I saw on iFixit how to remove the screen, I don't want to break anything that thing is not easy to dessemble
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    Because it's more aerodynamic when thrown.
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    Do some proper testing. Open up Activity monitor. Measure the cpu and ram usage.

    Look for unusual spikes and look for which programs are using more than they use on a concurrent machine and so on.

    You need to troubleshoot the problem because "identical specs" doesn't say much. It might even be as simple as a difference between HDD and SSD. Or a different motherboard in one of computers which doesn't utilize your SSD fully.
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    @gitpush Which resolutions are you running? Are any of them scaled? :)

    What I've learned from 3 years of mac using - scaling is a bitch. Native mac resolution is it's mom.


    Well... Try plugging in a 4k monitor to a mac via thunderbolt/hdmi. It works perfect, no heating, no issues. Now try to scale it... Shit gets loose and everything is unresponsive. Pc constantly overheats.

    Now... Plug in a non-scaled display to a scaled original display - and you'll have the same shit.

    Even more.... I'm using a laptop... My collegue runs a 1440x768 resolution (native, non-scaled) and I run 1920x1200 (can't bare the smaller one, too big shit). You know what? His temperatures are lower, battery lasts longer....
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    @gitpush watchman?
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    @irene in other words Facebook, it is for watching files for changes so that it auto reload website/react native app ...etc.


    I still don't know why it auto starts
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