The new iMac Pro has 1.5 TB RAM

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    Nope, you mean the Mac Pro, that's a tower.
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    Unused ram is wasted ram
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    @possum exactly, and has UP TO 1,5tb of ram... Like many workstations
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    @dontbeevil Yupp, I just meant that he referred to the wrong product with that spec
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    Sorry I mean the Mac Pro
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    Photoshop Skill Level Over 9000!!!
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    It can have upto that much
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    The ram thing is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Sure, maybe some day that will be normal thanks to our electron overlords, but that CPU will be long useless before that's even an unreasonable amount of memory. It's just bad design, something apple's been good at since jobs died.
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    @jAsE and monopolistic
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