So the other day my Huawei phone got a push update, but after installing it, seemingly nothing happened.

I just took a look at my Android version.

I was rolled back from Android 8 to 7.

Let the softroot begin!

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    I am sure this violates some law....
    They can't just downgrade....
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    I guess because Android 7 is completely free and open to use without any legal issues
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    @Konsole Since when did Hauwei care about the law?
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    @gitlog Isn't 8 and 9?
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    I don't wish to brag, but my Huawei is on 9
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    @Konsole there is some period where some legal factors are there
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    @Konsole it didn't blow an efuse so it's not deemed outside normality
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    Is it possible to root Huawei phones tho?
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    @Lor-inc they stopped allowing rooting of phones
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    @Lor-inc Softroot? Maybe.

    ACTUAL root? Not unless we can get a master list of IMEI/bootloader unlock code pairs.

    (btw softroot is root that doesn't persist, so, say, a vuln shell that's been elevated. Not too useful in general but has some merit. Traditional root is currently impossible due to locked bootloaders enforcing partition signing. No fakesign yet, either...)
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    I got my bootloader code recently. Got it due to the fact that I responded on a thread on XDA forums and eventually for some reason I got it.
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    @Tinshi wait what

    details please for the love of root
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    @Parzi I got it in this thread if I recall it correctly. https://forum.xda-developers.com/ho...

    However I think I received it like half a year later. It might take time, but it was worth a shot. And I received it on April so I don't know if it will still work.
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    @Tinshi only for Honor devices, not Huawei devices, and it's long over. Shame...
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    @Parzi again, I'm not sure since I tried several things in order to get it, eventually I gave up and half a year later I received this beauty. Was surprised. I don't know if it's from that exact xda thread or from somewhere else.
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    @Parzi honor is a daughter company of Huawei (aka same thing if I understood correctly)
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    i'm aware Huawei and Honor are the same but like
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    @Parzi try to look for such topic in your Huawei forum
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    @Tinshi also form's gone
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    @Parzi yes it was gone for me too. As I said I dug a lot around. Eventually did something which resulted in me having this code
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    "Unlock Codes seems to be back for chinese models only."

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    @Parzi well my model ain't Chinese, I can tell you that.
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    @Tinshi this is for Huawei devices. Honor and Huawei devices had separate reopenings...
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    @Tinshi yeah even FunkyHuawei stopped handling codes... welp.
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